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It is not easy to find high quality IT-expertise but we still like providing knowledge quickly and flexibly to our clients.

With IT managers and IT experts from an organisation, we quickly get to the core. We believe in strong personal relationships in which we communicate openly and honestly. We mention it when we think something else than we are asked to do is needed. We keep each other alert and communicate with humour. We make this possible with a large network of super specialists in the field of IT infrastructure.

They apply their knowledge individually or as part of a complete team to our customers for a short or longer period of time. In addition to their technical qualities they also have well-developed soft skills for pleasant interaction with you.












— Our core values

Why customers like working with us

Our core values match the needs and targets of our clients and partners. The added value is that we work together with our clients and that we bring excellent skills and experience. 

 IT makes processes within organisations more efficient, supports employees with tasks, adds value to clients and supports their strategic ambitions. All this sounds logical, but it is hard to make it all happen. One Zero IT converts the goals to tailor-made and efficient solutions on a strategic, tactical and operational (technical) level.

We create a roadmap for the future. You gain clear insights into the wishes and needs of your organisation and the improvements to the datacentre components or transition to (hybrid) cloud surroundings.

 Corporate Social Responsibility

one zero it
and charities



KWF, the cancer foundation, is determined to beat cancer as quickly as possible. The charity aims at creating a world where no one dies of cancer anymore. In 2019 we donated 10% of our bonus to this great charity.

Stichting Present Utrecht

Volunteering for the Present Utrecht foundation is a great cause!  Together we fight against local poverty and loneliness.  

Around Christmas time 2019 we delivered more than two hundred Christmas boxes to families in Utrecht. 

Stichting Stelvio for life

This foundation collects money for the treatment of patients with cancer based on their own unique tumor DNA profile.  Every year we collect money by climbing Stelvio, the highest asphalted mountain pass of Europe (by bike, running or walking).

makes us happy!

One zero IT likes delivering for each consultant. Everyone has his mood swings now and then. And then you need a medicine that can quickly change your mood for the better!

That is why we created various playlists on Spotify. Surely there is one you will like. Suggestions for new songs are welcome! Just send us mail or text message.

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